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Each week, we shine a light on dedicated riders, like you, who utilize REVER on their motorcycle adventures! After we grill them on their bikes, rides and insight, we then share it with the REVER community.

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Meet this week’s REVER Rider!

His name is Doug Devine, but everyone in the motorcycle community knows him as “Modern Metals.” An adventurous spirit – born and bred in Kentucky, Doug loves surf, sun, MotorSports, and of course, exploring the World on his motorbike. With years spent rebuilding vintage dual-sport motorcycles, Doug finally decided to take the trip of a lifetime and traverse the Trans America Trail by way of his ’99 XT225. Trials and tribulations were many, putting his trip on hold midway, but you better believe he’ll be back out there burning a path in the dirt in no time! 

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What’s your preference: on-road, off-road or race-course?

I ride on-road for my day-to-day transportation because I have to. I enjoy riding off-road so that I don’t have to deal with the stress of other vehicles.



What inspired you to start riding motorcycles?

Growing up as a skateboarder and mountain biking as a young adult allowed me to feel the freedom of open air. Motorcycles are the best of both worlds.

Tell us about your motorcycle(s) – make, model, year? How did you two find each other?

My motorcycle is a 1999 Yamaha XT225. I looked for one after reading stories of people taking off-road trips for long distances in North and Central America. I found one for $400 on Craigslist, and when the seller returned only my call – and no one else’s, I figured it was meant to be.

Does it have a nickname?

El Osito – loosely translated to “Little Bear.”


Where is your favorite place to ride your motorcycle?

My favorite place to ride is wherever there are no moving cars.


Do you have any good anecdotes about motorcycling?

It’s never Monday when you ride a bike every day.

Favorite REVER Ride

Could you tell us about a memorable moment that you’ve had on your motorcycle adventures?

Even though my most recent trip on the Trans-America Trail was filled with several moments, my most memorable moment was when I realized that there are kind people out there willing to lend a hand.

What’s your favorite function of the REVER app?

I like that followers can look at one of my tracks and jump right on it if they’re in the area.

What’s one improvement you would suggest?

One suggestion for improvement is that I can save a track and continue on the same track even if I have closed out (swiped up on my iPhone) out of the app. I also wish followers could actively follow the tracks while I’m moving.

Lastly, we’d like to ask you to tell us a story about an adventure you’ve had with your motorcycle utilizing the REVER app.

In Arkansas, I took quite a tumble coming out of the Ozarks. In a panic, I called my wife to let her know that I was okay, but that I would need a hotel to recuperate. She was able to find my location using the REVER app and locate the nearest hotel for me!

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