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Meet this week’s REVER Rider Drew Faulkner

Why mothball your motorcycle for the winter, when there is still plenty of fun to be had when the mercury dives down the thermometer? REVER teamed up with Ural Motorcycles and created the #winterbedamned Challenge. Participants rode more than 400,000 mile on 6100 rides between January 1 and March 1. Participants were encouraged to share their stories via social media, but none were more prolific than Drew Faulkner of Dayton, Ohio. Faulkner not only logged quite a few miles during the Challenge, but he backed them up with social-media posts and images from all of his adventures. Here is his story.

Age: 34
Years of riding experience: 6
First motorcycle owned: Tomos Nitro 150, wait, do scooters count? First motorcycle was a 2013 Triumph Speedmaster
Current motorcycles owned: 2013 Triumph Scrambler
Favorite type of riding: Highly technical, twisty, two-lane roads, with no other vehicle to be seen for miles; albeit, dual-sport riding is quickly growing in favor.

What inspired you to start riding motorcycles?

Tron: Legacy… a Disney movie; I am unfortunately dead serious. When I was about four, my dad took me on ride around the block on his Honda right before he sold it. Thus I was unfortunately not exposed to bikes much as a kid (which was obviously what Mom wanted…). After coming home from my second tour in the Middle-East, I was quite the hermit for a while. One day I caught the new Tron movie, the sequel to a childhood favorite. Something about that Ducati Sport Classic GT1000 really struck a chord with me. From there, things really started to get crazy.

Where is your favorite place to ride?

It’s kind of a toss-up between Deal’s Gap and Red River Gorge. I think I would have to say Red River Gorge because that’s where my folks are from, and I can ride down there and back on a long day. The roads, the views, and the Appalachian backcountry are about as good as it gets considering I can be there in under 3 hours.

Where is the single-most epic place you’ve ridden a motorcycle?

A year ago, I would have unquestionably said the Blue Ridge Parkway, however now that I’ve dipped my toe into the Dual-Sport/ADV scene, I would have to say sections of the Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway. There’s no doubt that I am addicted to scenic twisty roads, but the challenge and solitude of off-road riding through the surrounding cliff faces of Red River Gorge is indeed “epic”.

If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would that be?

Alaska. While I have only seen photos, I really want to ride the Alcan Highway and all the way up to Dead Horse. It’s as much about the level of difficulty as it is about the views. I expect it will require a lot of planning and a lot of straight-line riding, but from what I’ve seen, the views in Alaska are majestic.


What is the coolest motorcycle you’ve ever ridden?

That’s another tough decision, I really enjoyed the Yamaha XSR900 and FZ-07, meanwhile I’m also a sucker for retro, hence the Triumph Scrambler, but I feel that I would have to say the Triumph Tiger 800. The naked bikes are probably “better” streetbikes, the Scrambler has way more character, but the Tiger does everything so well, all the while so comfortably, it’s hard to be ignored.

If you could ride any single motorcycle in the world, what would it be?

There are so many different tools for so many different kinds of riding, again, another tough decision. As of this moment, I would have to say a KTM 450 Rally replica. I’ve got adventure fever in a really bad way, so not having any actual experience, I would think the 450 would let me tackle just about anything I set my mind to.

What does motorcycling mean to you and your lifestyle?

Motorcycles are a hobby, entertainment, instruments of social gatherings, stress relief, and an otherwise superior means of transportation. They are not however (to me), toys. As far as I am concerned, it’s “the only way to travel,” so much so that I have the lofty goal of riding 365 consecutive days in Dayton (OH) at some point. I just need the right equipment for the job. I call it “Moto-fever,” and I have serious affliction, in a bad way.


Are you a lone wolf or a social butterfly?

Both? I ride with a couple different motorcycle groups each month. I enjoy riding with guys that are better riders than I am, that way I can learn new skills. That said, I’ve written about the “solace of solitude” that I experience on a bike. I just did a 200 mile solo ride from Dayton (OH) to Maysville (KY) a couple days back on some of the best twisty roads I could find. To date, that’s one of the best days I’ve ever spent in the saddle, just me, the road, and spectating cattle.

What about the Rever app do you like most?

Probably the Route planner, and subsequently the “Ride it” feature. My passion for twisty backroads means that traditional GPS mapping software wants to avoid the best routes. Google Maps is great, but with only eight waypoints, I have to break up the route into a bunch of sections, or even write it down to get to where I want to go. Rever’s route planner is top-notch so far, and I’m really looking forward to using it to plan off-road adventures.

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