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We are looking for a full-time developer to join our in-house team in Eagle, Colorado. You will be working on our Rails mapping, planning and tracking application. It’s a well-established Rails application with a rapidly increasing user base. This app and website are unique to the motorcycle industry. Riders are pretty excited about a way to track and plan their rides online and through the iOS and Android apps.

What we are looking for

As a Ruby developer, you will be an integral component in our team of developers. We will need your skills to execute some rock solid code that will be instrumental in making this application the place to go for motorcycle riders. If you have an interest in digital mapping (not required), and executing great code we would love to hear from you. Initial work will involve making API/backend updates for more efficient data consumption and framework compatibility. And will progress to frontend work as your experience with us increases.

Here is an idea of skills we need

We use a JSON API for our Android, iOS and website clients. It works closely with geo data (we use postgis postgre extension) and mapping APIs. So ensuring consistency with the API is really important to form a reliable and stable code base as we grow.

Capistrano is used for deployment (we work with development/staging/production workflow) and also Ansible is used for side-systems declarative deployment (just for Elasticsearch+Logstash+Kibana for now).

This an application combines server-side rendering (we use slim templates) with dynamic frontend rendering of React components. So knowledge of ReactJS and slim templates would be beneficial.

You will be working with a solid team of developers. A senior Rails developer, junior developer, CSS/HTML developer, QA tester, Server Admin as well as communicating with the native app developers to ensure all the components are working seamlessly.

The following skills are required:

  • 5+ years Rails experience, backed by real code examples.
  • Basic Linux admin experience, enough to set up a Linux VM with our Rails app and DB from scratch.
  • 3+ years Git experience, we branch and merge actively.
  • 3+ years Postgres experience.
  • Elasticsearch
  • Hands-on experience with JSON APIs in Ruby/Rails.
  • Critical evaluation skills, ability to suggest improvements to existing solutions.
  • Patience, punctuality, attention to details.

Good skills to have, but not a deal breaker:

  • React.js or similar frontend framework experience
  • CoffeeScript
  • A rider

You won’t need to architect a frontend but have a working knowledge of how React.js (or similar) will integrate with your backend API. We use CoffeeScript on the project and React + Reflux architecture. It’s ideal if you’re comfortable with AWS infrastructure (EC2/S3). If you don’t, it’s important you want to learn.

We also integrate with the following services:

  • Stripe
  • Postgis
  • Sidekiq
  • Redis

In order to qualify for this position we will need to see some of your code and ask you to complete a test, so be prepared to show us some of your:

  • Controllers
  • Models
  • Specs
  • Libs
  • Background workers
  • JavaScript (React or similar) code

Thanks for reading, lots of information here but hopefully that gives you a good indication of confidence/skill required to work with us. We are not looking for junior people to mentor here, we need people to jump right in and release code on day one. Please let me know if you have any questions and looking forward to hearing from you.

Please send resumes and samples of your work to

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