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Get up to speed on how to use the FREE features in the REVER motorcycling app.

You downloaded REVER, now what? Here are three FREE things you can and should do with REVER, right now!


Track a Ride


he very first thing you should do is by far the simplest feature of REVER, tracking. Want to see where you rode, have a record of the ride duration, distance, average speed, max speed, elevation gain, and max elevation? Simply hit the “Start Tracking” button, put the phone in your pocket and forget about it until the end of your ride. You can even switch your phone to Airplane mode and you’re phone’s GPS continues to track with or without cellular signal.

When you have completed your ride, name it, add a description, select a ride type, and add a photo. Then choose if you want the ride to be Private, Public, or just for Friends. (If you have joined a challenge on REVER, you won’t get mileage credit unless you choose Public).

That’s it. Wasn’t that easy? Which leads us to the next thing to do.


Share a Ride


et’s say all of your riding buddies were slackers and didn’t join you on the most epic ride you’ve ever done. No worries, since you tracked your ride, right? Now you can share it with them in multiple ways. If you are already connected with friends in the app, they can see your rides and simply hit “Ride It” when they are looking at it in the app. They can then navigate and follow the same route.

You can also hit the share button and are then given multiple options for delivery. The latter is a great way to share the ride with people outside of your group of REVER friends, if they don’t have REVER they will be prompted to download the app after which they can view the ride and copy it to their planned rides.

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Plan a Ride


o, you want to plan a custom ride and not worry about busting out a map at every turn. No problem. REVER’s ride-planning feature is accessed on our website from your personal dashboard. Simply hit “Plan a Ride” and you will be taken to the planning page. You can plan a ride anywhere in the world by simply dropping a pin at your starting location and then dropping pins and connecting the dots until your final destination.

Riding across unmarked roads? No worries, just select the polyline tool from the toolbox and create a custom route across a dry lake, a meadow or anywhere the road is undefined. This is great for dual-sport, ADV and off-road riders. You can even upload the ride via a GPX file to another navigation device such as a Garmin.

Once your ride is planned and saved, it will automatically sync with your mobile device. You can then pull up “Planned Rides” on your phone, hit “Ride It” and away you go.

Watch our planning tutorial below. Once you become proficient, you’ll be able to knock out custom rides in a snap. You can share these rides with friends, or within a community.

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