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Stay in Charge! Secrets to Better Battery Life

Are one of those people who is constantly worried about battery life on your mobile phone? There are many factors that contribute to poor battery life, some of them are obvious and others may not be so apparent. Let’s first look at the phone related battery suckers (these are known power draws on iOS and Android devices).


Screen Brightness


ial back the brightness level on your screen. This will save more juice than you would imagine. We realize that in bright conditions outside, the screen can be difficult to read, but try to have it on the lowest setting you can get away with. 


Sleepy Time


ake sure your screen goes to sleep when you are not navigating. If you are navigating with screen lock disabled, make sure you’re plugged into a power source.  


Flying High in Airplane


f you are tracking a ride, and not using a navigation feature, turn your phone to Low-Power Mode (on iOS) or use airplane mode. This will keep your phone from trying to latch onto a cellular network.


Background Crooks


ook for apps that are performing background activities. Your can switch this functionality on/off in settings. If you aren’t using them turn them off, this will save you lots of power over time. 


Location Services


ocation services run in the background, as well. To optimize battery life turn off location services for apps you’re not currently using. Just remember, if you are participating in a REVER challenge, you will need them on to score in our POI-based contests. 


Offline Maps


ownloading offline maps (a premium feature) will also help prolong battery life because the phone won’t be pulling down these maps on cellular; this will also reduce data usage, too. Rever can “cache” or save maps for any country in the world directly to the internal memory in your phone. This allows you to access that map data independent of your network status. Just like purchasing maps from Garmin, you load them in once and you are done.

Like most apps that run on your mobile device, REVER requires power to function. But optimizing the above features will prolong battery life. Yes, we use GPS to TRACK and NAVIGATE, but you don’t have to use cellular to TRACK rides. Keeping your operating system up to date, and keeping your REVER app up to date ensures that many of the fixes that are constantly being made will allow your device to run as efficiently as possible. So how long will your phone last running REVER? Of course, it depends on the phone you have, the quality ( and size) of your battery and how you are using the app. In general though this is what we have found in real-world testing:

iPhone 7 Plus: Tracking only with screen off: 12-plus hours. Tracking with screen on full brightness: 4-plus hours.

iPhone 7: Tracking only with screen off: 8-plus hours. Tracking and navigating with screen on, and without airplane mode: 4 hours.

iPhone SE: Tracking only in Airplane mode: 8-plus hours. Tracking and navigating with screen on, and without airplane mode: 2.5 to 3 hours.

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