That’s a Wrap On GEICO ADV Rally 2018!

Zip-Ties can't fix chains as team Heavy Enduro discovered.
This father/son duo took teammate to a whole new level in their Ural sidecar.
Honda brought out its demo rig of Africa Twins, CRF450Ls and more.

GEICO Adventure Rally & Camp 2018 is in the books.

Photos by Jean Turner

With the end of the year fast approaching, the GEICO Adventure Rally & Camp just outside of Julian, California, was a great chance to get in one last ADV extravaganza for the year. This year’s change of venue proved to be a total hit with the 200-plus participants that converged on the Stagecoach Trails RV Resort in Southern California.

The weekend is a combination of a competitive POI ADV challenge—that for the first time was managed almost entirely by the REVER app—Honda demo rides, scored skills tests, lots of campfire bench racing, live music, and yes plenty of beer provided by The Tap Truck.

As in years past, the object of the competitive aspect of the rally is to visit as many of the 77 POI locations as possible over the course of the three-day event. REVER geofenced all of the locations so that scoring could be automated and logged on the Challenge leaderboard by participants tracking in the app. As always, we also asked the participants to make sure they posted images of their team at each location on Instagram as backup.

With such a large variety of POI locations—each with their own level of difficulty—the rally caters to riders of all skill levels. For those that wanted to be challenged, we offered sand, sand, and then some more sand thrown in for good measure, in addition to some Black Diamond (think skiing) rated trails that are no walk in the park. For those that don’t want to chuck their $18,000 ADV bikes down a cliff, we also created some exciting but less demanding blue trails, or for those that really just wanted to take in some scenic vistas, some easier paved locations.

In addition to the POIs, we created some other opportunities to score points: taking a demo ride on a brand new Honda Africa Twin or CRF450L earned teams 10 points. Attempting to navigate our cruel skills test courses also paid points—nothing like getting heckled by beer drinking onlookers while you dump your bike for the fourth time in a row! A long list of non-geofenced points were also included to encourage participants to slow down and look at the scenery. Snap a photo of your team with a donkey, that was worth an additional point!

After three days of riding and plenty of competition, the winning team (Team Manatee) edged out multitime GEICO ADV-Rally winners WildHumans by a scant 5 points! Over the course of three days, riders in the Challenge recorded 16,245 miles over 211 rides. Outside of the basecamp POI, the most visited location was Yaqui Well Camp Road, with 56 teams recording the POI, the least visited was a tie between three locations: Motor Transport Museum, Tecate Post Office, and Volcanic Hills, with three visits at each.

1     320     Team Manatee
2     315     WildHumans
3     287     Heavy enduro
4     263     Knobly Marauders
5     260     Goobers
6     232     Dinobots
7     206     Tres Nomadas
8     204     Aluette
9     203     Lost Vaqueros
10     176     4TTude
11     174     Harry Back Racing
12     167     Farkle ponies
13     165     Dirt Digglers
14     165     Louis and Clark
15     154     MSTRBDR
16     143     Tecate Twins (Industry)
17     136     Intrepid Adventures
18     129     Team KTM (Industry)
19     127     Youngriders
20     115     2Coul
21     113     Almost There
22     108     Propellerheads
23     87     Odd Riders
24     84     Boosted
25     77     mylilpwnies
26     54     NorCalTechnicos
27     51     Highlanders
28     50     Robot Death Squad
29     45     Our Favorite Word is Moist
30     35     Panda Express
31     33     The Merry Nitwits
32     32     Over the Hill Gang 2
33     28     Road Rash
34     26     Dirt Nap & Yard Sale
36     24     Team FNG
37     24     Three Amigos
38     23     Chain Dogs
39     23     El Burros
40     23     Flying Squirrels
41     23     Holy Moly
42     23     Wingnuts
43     22     ISM
44     21     Beach Bums
45     21     Dirty Knobbies
46     21     Lazy Dogs
47     21     marin marauders
48     21     Moto Dockters
49     21     TEAM JARHEAD
50     20     Irv Seaver Deux
51     15     Pumped
52     15     Putin Around
53     14     RawHyde Rejects
54     14     Team Louis and Clark
55     14     Victor Team
56     14     Wrong Way Ron
57     13     Baaaaaaad Goat
58     13     Lior's MotoRide
59     11     29 Stumps
60     11     Bathan Spies
61     11     Deadly Dutchmen
62     11     Dirt Circus
63     11     ER Bound
64     11     GS Dwarfs
65     11     Lady T's Dirt Devils
66     11     Las Rageous
67     11     LUV2RIDE
68     11     Magura USA
69     11     Maxima Racing
70     11     Miltron
71     11     Sandy balls-Fatal
72     11     Team Moose (Industry)
73     11     Time Travelers
74     11     Wildfire Moto
75     10     SOLO
76     1     party of none
77     1     Scotty Brown
Planning is key to victory.
No where else do people chuck their expensive bikes on the ground, get heckled, and then smile themselves. That's ADV!
Days end is always better with BEER!
Honda brought out Africa Twins and CRF450Ls. They were a hit.
When in doubt, gas it out!
This is where the bench racing happens.

Team Manatee

This twosome piled up the miles over the course of three days. Here is one of the rides that helped them win the 2018 GEICO Adventure Rally & Camp.

Team WildHumans

This husband and wife duo have won multiple Bonnier Motorcycle Group ADV Rallys in the past. Here is a sample of one of the rides that this year earned them a runner-up position.

The virtual plank...
Cowboy Jack Johnson plays a mean guitar.
Just ride around in an 11 x 11-foot box. It'll be easy they said.

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