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Meet this week’s REVER Rider!

His real name is Roger and when it comes to riding adv bikes you’ll be hard pressed to find somebody more passionate. In this weeks Rever Rider profile we talk to Strega and learn a bit about his life beyond the pavement.

My riding preference is off-road almost exclusively.  I only want to be on the pavement between dirt sections.

My inspiration for riding started very young when we would travel to a family friends ranch and we would ride a 1972 CT70 Trail all over the ranch, crashing every 30ft and getting up laughing and doing it more.

I have a few bikes

    1. 2009 KTM 690 Rally  (Enduro R converted to a Rally with the Rally Raid Kit) Pics HERE. I found this bike on our local motorcycle forum, only had 2300 miles on it, and I’ve always wanted to build a Dakar replica bike.  This was the perfect opportunity.
    2. 1999 KTM 620 EGS-E Adventure  (My first ADV bike with a 7.4 gallon tank). Bought this bike from a friend so I could do more long distance riding with greater range and a much more comfortable seat
    3. 2007 YAM WR450F dual-sport trail bike for the tighter stuff. Just a super fun, great bike right off the showroom floor that with a couple extras and some trials tires is a mountain tackling beast!
    4. 1999 YAM R6 Street bike  (Sadly I don’t ride it much). Traded a KLX300 (never should have done it!) for this R6 and had a lot of fun on it initially, but it’s about to get sold and that KTM 500 will make its way into the garage.

The only bike that has a name is the 620 Adventure, and we call it the “Exxon Valdez” because it has such a huge gas tank.

Favorite places to ride:

  • Grand Canyon, without question.  We go at least twice a year and I’ve circled the Grand Canyon in the dirt twice, all off-road, 1164 miles and it was a BLAST!!


  • Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route was AWESOME and I can’t wait to go back and ride it in the opposite direction!

Memorable Moments while riding happen ALL the time.  There are so many that are in my head but I’ll pick a few.

  • Just two weeks ago riding the IDBDR, we left Wallace ID and it was 106 deg F.  We traveled north towards Clark Fork in the blistering heat and decided we needed to find a spot along the river and go jump in.  I found a great little spot off the main road that ran down to a small camp site, and we peeled off the gear and jumped into the water like a bunch of kids.  We laughed, skipped rocks, laughed some more, and had an absolutely blast.  Big highlight of the trip.
  • Another highlight, and these happen often, is when we take people to the Grand Canyon that have never been and introduce them to the Bar 10 Ranch, and take them over to Toroweap for the amazing views.  It never gets old seeing someones face light up when they’re 3000ft above the river looking STRAIGHT down a rock face, it’s absolutely breath taking.


I’ll start wearing a color other than black when someone starts making gear that’s darker.

Rever App:

Favorite part of Rever is the trip planning.  I really like being able to see great trails and planning my trips to include those awesome sections.  It’s so easy to plan a trip and save it and have it synced right to your device.  It really is hard to beat that kind of functionality.

Favorite REVER Ride


  • Trip “Collections”.  I want to be able to upload a GPX file that consists of 1-20 tracks in it, and not have it split them all into individual rides.  I want to send people a link to a complete trip, and they look at the link and see ALL of the tracks that are part of a single .gpx file and let them have the ability to download it all at once instead of individual ‘rides’.  Collections is almost mandatory for dual-sport/adventure riding because you break your tracks up by sections or days and have multiple tracks in a single .gpx file.  Here is an EXAMPLE of a collection  (The IDBDR).  I took the IDBDR tracks, combined them in Mapsource, and cut the tracks back up into the sections I wanted to ride on my own schedule.  I planned to do it in 5 instead of the suggested 8.  I need the ability to show a collection of tracks to someone at once instead of individual tracks.


  • Well this is going to have to be my most recent trip, using the Rever App on my Panasonic JT-B1 Tough Tablet that’s mounted on my KTM 690 Rally. This picture was taken before Rever existed and is showing a different mapping application (All of the bike pics are in the above link).  The Tablet is a ‘tough’ Tablet that’s mounted to the bike in a locking mount by Gamber-Johnson which gets 12v power from the bike.  The device is weather proof and the idea and mounting to the bike is completely custom.  I replaced the “T” post where you would normally mount a roadbook with an billet aluminum post with a RAM ball tapped into the top of it to make it adjustable.
  • This latest adventure was 10 days, and 2400 miles from Ruby Valley Nevada up through Idaho and Montana, back into Idaho, up to the Canadian border and back.  This was an absolutely epic trip put together by Butler Maps and edited slightly for our own abilities.  We saw some of the most amazing terrain even though on the ‘coldest’ day it was 95, hottest being 106 or so.  We saw open desert, flat lands, trees, vistas, fire lookouts, wide fast roads, tight rocky uphills, stayed at some great places, some amazing food, and laughed and smiled the entire time.  We couldn’t have asked for a better route through Idaho, we had a blast!
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