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Learn More About REVER’s New Turn-by-Turn Directions Feature

By far the single-most requested REVER feature has been turn-by-turn directions. And while we are still working feverishly on accomplishing the end goal of turn-by-turn nav and voice prompts for custom-built routes from our ride planner, we’ve taken a big step in the right direction.

The latest iOS and Android app update includes directions for Point-A to Point-B navigation. Since this aspect of the app is essentially in a beta-testing format, let’s be clear on what it can and can’t do.

Current Capabilities:

  • Enter an address or location into the “Where To” field, then select “Get Directions” and then hit GO! And the app will take you to your destination on the most efficient route.
  • While in the mapview screen, drop a pin anywhere on the map and you can then navigate to that point by following the same series of prompts as above.
  • Want to navigate to a Challenge POI, such as a mountain pass in The Honda Pass Bagger Challenge, or a National Park POI in the Park Ranger Challenge? Simply touch that POI and the “Get Directions” box will pop up, select that, then select GO! 
  • Want to navigate to a friend’s avatar on the map when the Friend Tracker feature is turned on? Same thing, simply touch their avatar and the “Get Directions” box will pop up, then navigate to their location.
  • Want to get directions to the beginning of a Butler Maps recommended section of road on the main map screen, just drop a pin and then navigate to that point.  

Coming soon:

  • In the future, you will be able to plan a custom route in our Ride Planner, save that ride, and then pull it up in the app and receive turn-by-turn directions and voice prompts for that route. This will also allow you to navigate a route that includes unmarked singletrack trails or takes you across a dry lake where there aren’t any developed roads.
  • Since all of our content in the Discover section is comprised of custom routes, these currently don’t allow turn-by-turn or voice prompts. So for the time being, you will still have to navigate by following the static blue line.

The addition of this first iteration of turn-by-turn in the REVER app is a big step toward helping us understand and refine the needs of our users. Stay tuned for future updates.

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