DUNLOP Road Warriors 2018!

Rob Carlo was in constant motion in 2018.
Kenneth Brooks came up less than 400 miles short of the win for 2018.
Don Sullivan made a late-year surge to lock down third in the Challenge.

Mileage Kings!

Dunlop Motorcycle Tires Road Warriors 2018

The 2018 Dunlop Motorcycle Tires Road Warrior Challenge on REVER has ended, and the results are impressive. We are happy to announce the podium finishers who posted absolutely amazing numbers over the past year.

In first place with 76,805 miles, is longtime REVER user Rob Carlo, who after 12 months narrowly edged out Kenneth Brooks by just 394 miles (the latter recording 76,411 miles)! Rounding out the rostrum and in close contention the entire year was Don Sullivan, who trailed Brooks by only 844 miles with 75,567 miles when the dust settled.

Just for kicks: During 2018, Carlo averaged 6,400 miles a month or 1,477 a week! His longest ride this year was 1,225 miles from San Diego to Kerrville, TX, at the end of March. Heading into December the heat was on, Carlo had to put in a big month to ensure the win; he ended up recording 9,000 miles to sew it up.

His competitors didn’t sit idle in December either, with Brooks tracking just shy of 10,000 and moving up the leaderboard from third at the beginning of the month to nail second. While Sullivan jumped from fourth to third with an even more impressive 11,198 miles.

The top three—who all won a set of Dunlop tires in 2018 for topping a monthly leaderboard—are being rewarded with more rubber of their choice. The winner will receive three more sets, while second will get two, and third one more set. Congrats guys!

Most impressive were the combined community Challenge stats for 2018. Total rides: 53,539; Miles ridden: 5,054,677; Average ride distance: 94 mi.; Average ride time: 2 hours, 39 mins.; Total time combined, 142,069 hours.

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1. Rob Carlo: 76,805 mi.
2. Kenneth Brooks: 76,411 mi.
3. Don Sullivan: 75,567 mi.
4. R.A. Stephen Janzan: 70,205 mi.
5. Kenneth Andrews: 62,246 mi.
6. Mitch Bomcanhao: 58,077 mi.
7. Richard Powell: 56,035 mi.
8. Ken Cowart: 54,593 mi.
9. Michael Brennan: 46,183 mi.
10. James Carlisle: 44,749 mi.
11. Thom R: 43,831 mi.
12. Roger Buis: 43,609 mi.
13. Tom Koch: 38,372 mi.
14. Lionel Ramos: 38,222 mi.
15. Chris Dubie: 38,192 mi.
16. Jeremy Francisco: 37,928 mi.
17. Eric Buskell: 35,218 mi.
18. Jim Bardin: 35,110 mi.
19. William Reynolds: 34,714 mi.
20. Misty Prophet: 34,599 mi.
21. Carlos Caycedo: 34,221 mi.
22. Kevin Blevins: 34,132 mi.
23. Rodney Goddard: 33,931 mi.
24. CoCo E: 33,481 mi.
25. Greg Hunt: 32,044 mi.

No fairing, 76,000 miles, no problem for Don Sullivan.
Carlo on his BMW GS.
Carlo on his Harley-Davidson Road Glide

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