Never forget to record a ride!


• Download the REVER App
• Pair GO! in your profile


Stick the GO! beacon anywhere on your bike.


Leave your phone in your pocket.
REVER GO! will automatically start and
stop all your rides in Rever!


The first one hundred U.S. users to sign up can get a GO! beacon through our LABS beta program. Help us test this new and exciting REVER technology!


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With GO! you may be eligible for SureRIDE motorcycle insurance. Exclusively for REVER members.


How does SureRIDE work?

You love to ride, but sometimes your motorcycle sits around while life takes over. Why pay for that? SureRIDE personalizes your insurance policy based on the miles you ride. Don’t ride in January while the snow is flying? Pay less. Park the bike in July when is blistering hot out?
Save your money. SureRIDE is usage-based insurance reimagined just for those who ride.


Get your custom quote and download the free REVER app to start tracking your miles.


Mount a free REVER GO! beacon on your bike and REVER will track your miles automatically.


Check your usage and only pay for the miles you ride — not when your bike is parked.


What is GO!?

REVER GO! is a quarter-size accessory that will automatically record, pause, and save your rides in REVER.

How can I get one?

As of June 2018, REVER GO! is part of our LABS beta program. We are selecting a handful of U.S. users to help us test. If you’d like a free GO! beacon, let us know.

Does GO! have a GPS chip in it?

No, there is not a dedicated GPS chip in GO! you still need to have your phone with you.


Is it waterproof?

It’s water resistant. You can ride through rain, wash your bike and do all the normal stuff. Don’t bring it in the bathtub though. We don’t want to know what goes on there…



How long will the battery last?

About 2 years.

Can I have more than one GO! Beacon?

Currently you can only pair one GO! beacon in your REVER profile.

Do I have to have my phone with me?

Yes, GO! is not a tracker, it automatically starts and stops the tracking in the REVER app on your phone for you.

How close do I have to be to my beacon for it to start a ride?

About three feet.

How does it know to start recording?

When the GO! beacon attached to your bike and your phone are within three feet of each other, and you start to ride, the GO! beacon detects the motion and automatically triggers the REVER app to start recording. It won’t record if you are just sitting on your bike or walking past it in the garage.

How do I mount the GO! beacon?

GO! has super sticky adhesive backing on one side. Peel and stick it anywhere on your bike. The ideal location has as little metal around it as possible.

How do I pair GO! in REVER?

Super simple. Go to GEAR under your profile and select GO! Make sure you have Bluetooth turned on when you do.

Do my rides auto save?

Yes, after one hour of being separated from your bike with the GO! beacon, the app will save the ride.

What if I ride a friend’s bike that has a GO! beacon?

Each beacon has a unique ID. Only the beacon you pair through REVER will trigger recording.

How will using GO! affect my phone battery’s life?

GO! sends a lightweight signal to determine if you are near it so it can do its job. You may find a inconsequential increase in battery consumption.

Does GO! use Bluetooth?

Yes, you need to have Bluetooth turned on for GO! to find you.


How do you record miles?

SureRIDE has a partnership with the motorcycle app REVER to help you facilitate ride tracking and milage reporting. Download the FREE  iOS or Android app and create an account. You can manually record all of your rides there through your phone. We will also send you a free GO! beacon to mount to your bike to automatically start and start your rides in REVER in case you forget.

What's this REVER GO! beacon?

It’s a small, quarter sized piece of hardware that you can easily mount to your bike. It’s got an internal battery and pairs directly to your REVER app to automatically start and stop rides in REVER.


Do I have to have a GO! beacon to get this insurance?

Yes, you do, but its free!

Sounds complicated, I don't want anything plugged into my bike.

Don’t worry, it’s not hard. GO! beacon doesn’t actually plug in to your bike. It’s just a small bluetooth device that recognizes when you’re moving on your bike with your phone and it begins the ride recording process in REVER for you.

How can I learn more about REVER and GO!

You can learn a bunch more at

What other data are you collecting about my rides to determine my rates?

Just miles. This isn’t like other auto policies that you may use or have heard of. We ARE NOT collecting behavior data like speed, braking etc. We just want to know how much you ride and give you a chance to have a policy that reflects your actual motorcycle usage.

Are you measuring "HOW" I ride?

No, we just want to know how much you ride.

How does the billing for this work?

Premiums for SureRIDE look different than most others. It’s made up of a flat-rate premium, for your comprehensive coverage, plus a per mile premium for all of the other coverages. The comprehensive coverage premium will be the what you pay each month, regardless of mileage. We’ll charge for this up front. So, if you start your policy on the 1st of June, you’ll pay premium for June’s comprehensive coverage on June 1st. The per mile charge will be calculated based off of how many miles you ride in June. Since we don’t know this up front, we can’t charge for it up front. So, if you ride 0 miles, you’ll only be charged your for your fixed rate comprehensive coverage.

So how many payments are there total?

In a six-month term, there will be seven payments.
• Month 1: Just this month’s share of the comprehensive premium
• Month 2-6: Each month will have this month’s share of your Comprehensive premium plus the premium for last month’s miles
• Month 7: If you don’t renew your policy, you will have paid for all the comprehensive premium after month six. All that’s left to pay is your mileage for month six.

What if I go for a really long ride? Am I going to get a huge bill?

The name of the game here is to give you control over how much you spend on insurance. Riding more will end up costing you more. That being said, we know you love to ride your bike. Because of this, we put in a daily mileage cap of 250 miles. If you ride more than that in a 24-hour period, we won’t charge you for more than 250 miles.

How will I know how much I owe you?

We will keep you in the loop with regular updates about how many miles you’ve ridden and what that will end up costing. You’ll get monthly email reports and can also view an estimate any time in your REVER profile. Make sure you have EMAIL ADDRESS saved in your list of “safe senders” and look out for updates throughout the month!

What if you get the mileage wrong?

We are working really hard to make sure that this doesn’t happen, but we have a plan in place if something falls through the cracks. If you see something that you disagree with, please contact us at EMAIL ADDRESS and we’ll figure out what’s going on.

What if my bike gets stolen?

First off, bummer. Second, let us know immediately. Upon receipt of a police report, you WILL NOT be charged for any miles when it is not in your possession.

What if has to be taken into the shop?

If you advise us ahead of time that bike is undergoing repairs, we will not charge for any mileage. To make sure this happens, you will need to provide notice before the bike goes into the shop. We will need a receipt after the bike is repaired to act as proof. We also reserve the right to contact the shop to confirm dates in which the bike was not in your possession.

What if I turn off my app or don't bring my phone with me?

We reserve the right to ask for photos of your odometer. You can provide them, or we can work with a third party to inspect your bike. We may also charge you the maximum daily rate per day that we have discovered intentional device tampering.

Why is comprehensive coverage not a per mile coverage?

Comprehensive coverage is for things that happen to your bike that don’t necessarily always happen when you’re riding it. For example, if your bike is parked outside and a branch falls on it, comprehensive coverage could help pay to repair it. So, even when you’re not using your bike during the policy period, this coverage is always “on.” Since it’s always working, even when the bike is not being used, it doesn’t make as much sense for this to be charged per mile.

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