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Your expensive GPS has met its match. Use the REVER app to record your rides, navigate planned rides and stay connected with your riding community.

Ride Stats
Get stats as you ride
  • Average Speed
  • Distance
  • Max Speed
  • Ride Time
Once you are done riding save the ride and it will be added to your profile so you can keep track of all your rides.
View ride history including speed, distance, time, average speed and ride date.
Interact with your riding friends by commenting on and liking their rides.
Upload images you take along the ride.
Upload images you take along the ride.
Download offline maps for when you are out of cell reception, share your rides on social media as well as ride a previously created route (sorry, no turn by turn directions yet).
View your elevation profile
Butler Layers
Wanna see where the best roads are, view Butler layers right from the app.
Map Orientation
Like to see the direction you are headed? Use the toggle here to change your map orientation.
View where you are even when out of cell reception.
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    Track Your Rides

    Anywhere in the world, for free.

    • No data plan required.
    • Uses the GPS in your phone.
    • See your exact path, time, distance, elevation profiles and more.
    This feature is part of our premium subscription.

    Offline Maps

    No cell Signal? No problem!

    • Rides created online will  automatically go to your phone.
    • Select “Offline” from the app to download it for offline use.
    • View the map and your route in the app even without cell service.

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    A photo tells a thousand words.

    • Add photos to your ride when you save a track.
    • Photos will show up exactly at the place you took them.
    • View them on the Rever website or app.


    What’s the correct number of bikes to own? One more!

    • Customize your Rever Garage with bikes you own.
    • Add a photo of your bikes.
    • Tag specific bikes to your tracked rides.

    Friend Tracker

    Know where your friends are

    • Add friends you are riding with that day.
    • See them on your phone, as you ride.
    This feature is part of our premium subscription.

    Safety Notifications

    Does anybody know where you are?

    • Create text notifications for a predefined list of people.
    • Rever automatically alerts that list when you start and finish a ride.
    • Includes your GPS location.

    Butler Maps

    Start Riding The Best Roads!

    • REVER is the only place to see Butler Maps digitally.
    • Every great paved road highlighted for easy reference. (US only)
    • Includes recommended dirt roads.
    This feature is part of our premium subscription.


    Follow your tribe.

    • See a ride feed of all your friends rides.
    • Comment and like.
    • Join a challenge to see how you stack up.

Make Every Ride Count


Plan, Discover, Connect and be Inspired

All of your motorcycling experiences are right here. We’ve built the world’s best motorcycle trip planner, highlighted the best roads so you don’t miss anything good and made it easier than ever to share and manage your rides.

Left Toolbar
Use the left toolbar for the following
  • Set your ride date (this can open any seasonally closed roads)
  • Undo any mistakes
  • Redo if you really wanted it
  • Polyline/Snap to Roads
  • Start Again
  • Waypoint Editor
Ride Data
Use the stats toolbar for the following
  • Distance updated every edit/click
  • Keep track of waypoints
Upload GPX files Upload GPX files from your device so you can manage all your rides in one location.
Elevation Profile
View just how exciting your ride is going to be with the elevation profile built as you plan you ride.
Butler Layers
See all the best G1, G2 and G3 roads Butler Maps has to offer and use our easy planning tool to create the perfect ride.
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    This feature is part of our premium subscription.


    Not all roads were created equal

    • The best roads highlighted for easy reference
    • Includes paved and dirt road recommendations
    • Constantly updated by Butler Motorcycle Maps


    • Use our easy tools to create your rides online.
    • Rides automatically sync to the REVER app.
    • Or download a .GPX file. View video

    GPX download

    Plan on Rever. Navigate on your GPS

    • Download rides as .GPX files to your computer.
    • Transfer .GPX file to your dedicated GPS device.
    • Go ride.
    This feature is part of our premium subscription.

    GPX Upload

    Have .GPX files from somewhere else?

    • Upload your existing .GPX file to REVER.
    • Keep your rides organized in one spot.
    • View upload rides in the Rever app.

    Review & Manage

    All your rides in one spot

    • All your tracked rides end up here to review.
    • See your all your friends rides.
    • Manage all your planned and tracked rides.

    Manage your rides

    Managing routes doesn’t have to be a pain

    • Keep track of all your tracked rides
    • View all your planned rides
    • See all your stats in one place


Motorcycling is better together. Follow & track your friends, create riding communities and events, or join a free Challenge for a chance to win something awesome.

Win some great prizes and see
where others ride.
Some people ride lots! Others not so much. Compare yourself to what others do.
One of your buddies complete a great ride? Let them know or ask a question.
Stats See the stats for your challenges.
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    Share Your Rides

    Show us where you’ve been

    • Follow friends and pros.
    • See everybody’s ride in your ride feed.
    • Share rides to Facebook, blogs or forums.

    View video

    Feel free to join any group you like. Although the ability to create a group is part of our premium subscription.


    Everybody gather round

    • Create a Community page at
    • Invite friends, colleagues, or customers to join.
    • Share and manage group rides from one place.


    Ride and Win

    • Join an industry supported challenge.
    • Track your rides.
    • Win awesome stuff.


    Think you ride a lot?

    • Track your rides in the REVER app.
    • Record cool stuff like time and distance.
    • See how you stack up against the global Rever community.

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