KLIM ODOminator Challenge 2019

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Introducing: KLIM ODOminator Challenge 2019

For the third year in a row, KLIM—the high-end powersports-apparel company—has signed on to sponsor the ODOminator Challenge in REVER. This will be the second year that KLIM is the exclusive sponsor of this mileage-based challenge. The Idaho-based company is renowned for its high-tech, feature-packed riding apparel. Expanding beyond it roots in snowmobiling, KLIM has over the years applied that same commitment to quality to motorcycling. Adventure, off-road, touring, street, and snow riders can outfit themselves from helmet to boot, and everything in between. 

Here’s how it works:

Join the challenge for FREE HERE

Track your rides using the REVER app

Make sure you select public when you save your rides

Better Odds! This year, winners are selected randomly from the top-75 participants on that month’s leaderboard (in 2018, they were selected from the top-25)

All of your public rides and their corresponding mileage will automatically be applied to the challenge leaderboard

The more you ride, the better your chance of winning

Each month, the leaderboard is reset to zero

A new winner is selected each month, so 11 more winners will be selected in 2019

Challenge Description:
Do you ride to get away from it all? For the thrill of it? For the scenery? Or maybe all of the above? Why not add riding for free SWAG to that list!? For the third year in a row, KLIM has signed on to provide monthly winners with some awesome products.

Official Rules:
This challenge is based on miles tracked in your REVER app between 12:00 a.m M.S.T February 1, 2019, to 11:59 p.m. M.S.T February 28th, 2019. Rides imported from another source or rides that have been planned but not recorded, do not count. This challenge is free to join for any member of REVER with no purchase necessary. Riders may join the Challenge at any point between the start and end dates, but only rides after you have joined will be counted. Rides marked private will not count. The top-75 Challenge participants with the most miles logged will be eligible for prizes. A random drawing will determine winner/s.

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Learn more about KLIM’s product line. 


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