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REVER is going to Overland Expo West
highlighting the best of Flagstaff off-roading

Overlanding is not just about the destination, but rather the journey along the way. REVER, the world’s leading navigation, planning, tracking, and sharing app is excited to announce the Overland Expo West Challenge to inspire this journey. This Challenge consists of 40 Points Of Interest (POIs) spread over 100 miles in every direction from the Overland Expo West. Any Overland attendee can take part. The Overland Challenge will be live starting April 22nd, allowing attendees to discover POIs as they make their way to this year’s Expo. POIs include everything from natural landmarks, to roadside attractions, kitschy tourist traps, to totally off-the-beaten-path desolation.

Overland Expo West is just around the corner! Need tickets? Follow This Link  

Use REVER’s code: OXWREV19

The Overland Expo Challenge is free to join, simply download REVER from the Apple or Android App Stores.

BMW Motorrad is hosting a Meetup on Saturday: Join other adventure riders, enjoy a cup of coffee, track your ride and achieve a POI in the REVER Challenge.

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