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“Get To Know Catherine Hudon!”

The Fall Photo Contest is only week away from its finish! You’ve met the folks behind it all. In this segment of “Get To Know,” with the competition coming to a close, we are proud to introduce our final “Staff Pick” winner who, as it turns out, has an amazing story that led her and her family from Quebec to California and back again aboard the back of her love Martin’s motorbike – utilizing REVER every step (roll?) of the way.  

We asked a few questions of our Fall Photo photographer to find out a little more about Catherine and what inspires her to take photos of motos. Want to keep an eye on our winner? Follow her on FacebookIf you would like to submit your favorite Fall-inspired moto photos and take your last chance at becoming one of the “Grand Prize” winners, find the details on our blog. Come December 24th, the judges will have the difficult task of choosing three worthy photographers each of whom will win one of the great sponsored prizes from ICON, Doubletake Mirror and Butler Maps. Announcements are coming in January!


What got you behind the handlebars of a motorcycle?

I don’t ride “Beautiful” (the name of the bike) itself. It’s my parter in crime Martin, an experienced rider, who rides it. I love to be passenger, and we have covered quite some distance together on Beautiful. I fell in love with the curves, just like he did 😉 We’re constantly looking for them, and metaphorically dance together in each and everyone of them with the same excitement. When I’m in the back of the motorcycle, my creative mind is always at work.

The heightened perspective (and positioning) I have from the back gives me the opportunity to take photographs while Martin is riding. And, I love to create images in my head on our way. With the motorcycle, we can have access more easily to new environments and what they have to offer. Which also brings us to places only bikes have any access.


What’s your day job?

I’m a former nurse. But I have been shooting as a lifestyle photographer for the past two years.

On a day off, where can someone find you?

We like to go for rides, spontaneous trips as a couple and as a family of… 7!!

What are your favorite REVER routes?

Mosquito Ridge Road from Foothills  CA to French Meadows Reservoir, and Burr Trail between Bullfrog UT and Escalante UT.

Why do you snap photos of motos?

We went on a motorcycle trip across the USA, as a couple at first, then Martin continued as a single rider. I love to try different angles, different backgrounds, and to see the road we travel and the people we meet along the way.

What inspired you to pick up a camera?

I like to tell a story. Capture moments in people’s lives and remind them what they have. To let them see all the love and emotions that surround them. Give me a family to photograph, and through my lens, I will show them what they might not see from the outside.

What kind of motorcycles are parked in your garage?

A 2013 Ducati Multistrada GT. Martin has owned some dual-sports and street bikes in the past. “Beautiful” has been the most enjoyable ride so far, with very little compromise in its sporty character. He’s now having dirty dreams about the new Multistrada Enduro… 😉


Do you have any photo projects you’d like to boast about?

One of my most precious project happened last February. I had the chance to take lifestyle portraits of several young women with advanced breast cancer and their caregiver (spouse, family or friends). It touched me that those images will be or are now very precious to them, as some participants never had their pictures taken together before.

Do you believe people should try the REVER app? If so, why?

We used to rely on our navigation by exporting routes that we created using REVER onto Zumo, but since the availability of offline maps and the possibility to record rides without data access, REVER has become more convenient for us.

If someone were to follow your every virtual move, which of your social platforms should they check out?

On my Professional Facebook page.

Now that you’re a bonafide REVER Fall Photo Contest winner, what’s next for you?

Hopefully, I will be able to share some of the images we took on our trip in the USA, and that it will inspire others to start exploring as a couple because being in the back seat also has a lot to offer. It’s a great experience!

Lastly, what’s your favorite motorcycle tracking and navigational app?

Well of course REVER – utilizing Butler Maps! We made a 10,000 mile trip with only those two navigational tools. Looking for those G1 rides… curves, more and more. I hope that one day, the REVER community will get so big that – a little bit like Couch Surfing – members who wish to offer lodging or a place to camp to other motorcycle travelers or meet up for rides could be directly accessed along our planned rides. Kind of a motorcycle traveler’s couch club. Imagine us all sharing the same passion and creating with them!

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