Get to know – Blake Conner

Age: 47
Years of riding experience:  30
First motorcycle owned: Honda CBR600F Hurricane
Current motorcycles owned:1985 Yamaha RZ-500, 2012 Husky TE310
Favorite type of riding: ADV/dual-sport

What inspired you to start riding motorcycles?

When I was in highschool, the entire sportbike scene was exploding. I had ridden friends’ dirtbikes as a kid, but wasn’t allowed to own one myself. After riding (and crashing) a buddy’s Kawasaki GPz550, I was hooked. I’d never ridden anything like that before, and knew that I was going to be a rider for life.


Where is your favorite place to ride?

There is nothing more liberating, challenging, and exhilarating than riding a motorcycle on a roadrace track. Over the years, between roadracing and testing motorcycles on track as a journalist for motorcycle publications such as Cycle News and Cycle World, I’ve had the opportunity to ride on world-class tracks around the globe. For me, there is nothing better.

If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would that be?

Since the Dakar Rally moved to South America, I’ve dreamed of riding in the high mountains of Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia. Epic open landscapes like the Atacama Desert just seem so surreal and mysterious that I want to go there.

Where is the single-most epic place you’ve ridden a motorcycle?

I’ve had the opportunity to ride in the Alps on multiple occasions, and the combination of the fantastic and challenging roads, stunning scenery, and awesome food make it the perfect motorcycling destination.

Are you a lone wolf or a social butterfly?

I prefer to ride in smaller groups, and have been known to go solo, but riding with a buddy or two is best and gives you the added comfort of support.

What about the Rever app do you like most?

I personally like seeing where my friends are riding, especially friends that live in a different state or country. Then I get fired up to get out and go on a ride of my own. Trying to one up them.