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How much data does Rever use?

The really annoying answer is “it depends”…

There are a couple of things at work with the app and hopefully this will help to explain. When you are riding along the GPS in the app is just keeping track of your location by saving the lat and long points as you ride along. This does not take any data at all and is saved to the local database in your phone as you ride. So if you have your phone in your pocket or bad reception and have the screen locked it does not use any additional data. Although the battery is drained a little faster because the GPS in the phone is activated. This also does not need any data reception to work.

The thing that does use data is the map display on the phone. If you have your phone mounted on your handlebars and are following along as you are riding, each time the map needs to redraw this requires a data download which would use data.

The other way to use data is when you are zooming in and out of your route or trying to find something on the map. If you zoom in and out a lot this will also use data.

The hard thing to determine is the exact amount of data really depends on how long the ride is and if you are zooming in and out a lot. If you are just using the GPS only with the phone locked the answer is hardly any. Test it out in airplane mode.

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