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Seasonal Road Closures
How to plan spring/summer rides during winter when roads are closed.

Mid Winter is when cabin fever kicks in hard, and the perfect time to start dreaming about the upcoming riding season. If you’ve ever tried planning a route in REVER using roads that are currently closed for the winter, you’ve probably experienced the “spinning wheel of death” on your screen and wondered what was going on.

The primary reason for this, is that most mapping providers won’t let you plan over seasonal closures, assuming that you are trying to take that trip right now, which makes perfect sense. What they don’t get and don’t consider is that motorcyclists are a different breed. We think about riding our bikes pretty much all of the time. So, when we’re trapped by snow and cold in the middle of winter and have already polished every last nook and cranny on our machines, we start thinking about where we’re going to ride after the big thaw.

So, here is the trick that we’ve devised to trick our mapping provider’s software into doing what we want it to do… Once you’ve entered the ride planner online, look for the Details arrow in the left toolbar and click it to expand the field, then type a date into the Ride Date field when the road will be open (this may take a quick google search to find the predicted date), or you can do what we do, and simply make an educated guess, like July 15th. And Voila, our planner will allow you to finish building your ride.

Here is what our route looked like when we tried to plan over Independence Pass with out post dating the ride date.
Here is the same route, when we switched the ride date to mid-July.
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