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Quick Answers

Does Rever use your data?

The really annoying answer is “it depends”…

There are a couple of things at work with the app and hopefully this will help to explain. When you are riding along the GPS in the app is just keeping track of your location by saving the lat and long points as you ride along. This does not take any data at all and is saved to the local database in your phone as you ride. So if you have your phone in your pocket or bad reception and have the screen locked it does not use any additional data. Although the battery is drained a little faster because the GPS in the phone is activated. This also does not need any data reception to work.

The thing that does use data is the map display on the phone. If you have your phone mounted on your handlebars and are following along as you are riding, each time the map needs to redraw this requires a data download which would use data.

The other way to use data is when you are zooming in and out of your route or trying to find something on the map. If you zoom in and out a lot this will also use data.

The hard thing to determine is the exact amount of data really depends on how long the ride is and if you are zooming in and out a lot. If you are just using the GPS only with the phone locked the answer is hardly any. Test it out in airplane mode.

How do you pronounce REVER?

This is a surprisingly common question we did not think would be an issue.

REVER is our way of revving your engine, rev rev to get REVER. It does not have a long e sound like reever.

How do I delete a ride


On the website, click on the thumbnail of the ride from the dashboard. This is the ride details page. Below the large map there are three buttons. Share, Download GPX and Delete. We would go with the delete button to delete the ride 🙂


From the rides tab, select the ride you don’t want. In the top right corner is an “Edit” option. Select that and click on the trash can to delete the ride.

Kilometers to Miles or Vice Versa

This is done from the app. Go to the Account tab, you will see a little gear icon next to the log out button. Click on this and you can change to your desired unit of measurement.

How do I get rides from Rever onto GPS devices like my Garmin?

This is a Premium Feature but it’s super easy. Just click the button on the ride detail page that says ‘Download GPX’. This will turn your ride into a .gpx file that you can download to your computer. From there you’ll need to plug in your GPS device  and transfer the .gpx file to it. You may need to use Garmin Basecamp or MapSource to do this if you have a Garmin.

What are the colors highlighting the roads on the maps and in Rever?

That’s how Butler tells you which roads are better than others. Here is an easy way to think of it.  (orange) Good road, (red) Better road,  (Gold) Best road. Don’t ever pass up a gold highlighted road. Those are the most dramatic, scenic and smile-inducing roads on the planet.

How often is your data updated?

Constantly. That’s the beauty of technology. If we hear about a road getting paved, washed out, closed or opened we can update that instantly.

Where do I purchase a map?

You can get our physical water-proof maps online at and at your local motorcycle dealership.

What do the Butler colors mean?

Think of it as Good (orange), Better (red), Best (Gold). Don’t ever pass up a Gold highlighted road. Those are the most dramatic, scenic and smile-inducing roads on the planet.

How does Butler Maps know if a road is good?

The short answer is they ride ‘em all. They’ve spent years researching and riding roads as well as perfecting the art of rating different segments of tarmac. If it’s good road Butler Maps knows about it and it shows up on Rever for you to interact with.  If a road isn’t highlighted, it doesn’t mean it didn’t get ridden, it just means it did not meet Butler’s criteria for awesomeness.

I ride a dirt bike and have an ATV. Is Rever for me?

Absolutely. If you ride anything with a throttle Rever is the place to connect with like-minded riders to find awesome places to ride, even in the dirt.

How does the mobile app work?

You can use our app just like a GPS to navigate along your favorite roads. Even when your cell signal is gone the GPS receiver in most modern smartphones will still send a signal so your little blue location dot will show up on your phone.

What types of files can I upload and how do I do that?

If you have planned a route in a program like Basecamp or Mapsource, you can easily add that planned route to your Planned Rides in Rever. Our system will accept .gpx or .kml files. Just drag and drop into your profile, or search for a file on your computer using our “upload” button.

I don’t live in the U.S. Can I still use Rever?

Of course. Rever works anywhere. There is a whole bunch of handy features that you will enjoy no matter where you live in the world.

What are the features on Rever Premium?

Aside from the awesome ability to see immediately see how fun a specific road is, there is a whole bunch of awesome stuff in for premium members. Go here to see all the features.


I don’t see recommended routes for some parts of the U.S. and other countries, why not?

It takes a long time to ride every road and distill out the good stuff. Hundreds of thousands of miles so far. Fear not, the guys at Butler Maps are constantly working to find the best roads and a soon as they do they will show up here. In fact they will show up here long before they get published on a printed Butler Map. Yet another great reason to upgrade to premium.

Who is Butler Maps and what do they have to do with Rever?

Butler Maps are the experts on motorcycle roads and destinations. They are the guys who ride and classify all the best paths. Its road content is part of the Premium features of Rever. They also make printed maps, which you can learn more about here.

How much does Rever cost?

It’s free to create an account to start planning and sharing rides. We also have a Premium Membership for $ 59.99 / year or $ 5.99 / month. Learn more about the benefits of premium membership here.

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